“There are some people, who live in a DREAM world; there are some who face reality;

And then there is me who turn the DREAM into REALITY…”

Ester Haute Couture focuses on the female form and designs gowns that radiate superior taste and FASHION sense.

Traditional silhouettes, delicate lace, organza, illusion lace necklines and just a little bit of TEXTURE made for bridal gowns that are decidedly FEMININE and effortlessly elegant. We explore the relationship, textures and intricate detailing’s of rich laces and fabrics, creating a couture collection of ARTWORK.

Ester Haute Couture is a worldwide renowned fashion DESIGNER, that has been piecing together some of the industry’s most ELEGANT bridal gowns.

 As a young child Ester already knew she wanted to create the best wedding DRESSES having observed by her mother’s side, the focus and mastery that went into creating a flawlessly fitting and precious garment.

A graduate of Wizo Haifa Academy of design, Ester has sought out to define her approach which lies in her originality and flair for creating TIMELESS wedding dresses for each and every one of her brides as to ensure her pieces LIVE on throughout history.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt